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About us

From strategic and creative thinking to producing artistic content… First Media Production supports you at all of your project’s stages. We are a team of pioneering specialists in media production. We have established partnerships with local and global brands across various sectors since 2010. Our partnerships include ministries and various institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as Saudi Television, Rotana Network, and MBC Group, as well as others in different Arab countries.

First Media

Our vision

To be a pioneering company in the global audiovisual production industry, by providing exceptional entertainment experiences and creative content that touches the audience’s hearts and minds.

Our message

We strive to reach a new horizon of creativity and excellence, and we work diligently to provide entertainment that touches hearts, leaving an everlasting impact.

Our objectives

We believe in the power of storytelling and art to shape the face of society and inspire positive interaction. By doing so, we aim to: Provide impactful entertainment experiences that reflect the diversity of life and stimulate thinking and dialogue. Contribute to building bridges of communication and cultural understanding by producing content that combines artistic quality and human values.

Our values

Unifying talents around core values. At First Media Production, we measure our success not only by our successful projects but also by our core values that guide all our work. We are proud to share with you the principles that shape our approach, culture, and commitment towards you.

First Media

At the heart of our agency lies a fundamental principle of success: the combination of prominent experts in the field of audiovisual and cinematic production. Our strength comes from our ability to unify these diverse talents around core values, which include unwavering commitment to our clients, transparency that guides our work, and communication that supports our relationships. This integration of skills and values forms the foundation of our ability to execute high-quality projects with added a high- quality value for our clients.


"Behind every work we produce, there are partners, colleagues, and clients. At First Media Production, we place great importance on people, whether they are our employees or our clients. We deal with each individual with utmost importance and effective communication. We are committed to creating a conducive environment for idea exchange, talent development, and building trust-based relationships. We are united in our commitment to make a positive impact, not only in the projects we lead but also in our daily lives and the experiences we undergo."


The success of our partners is our primary mission. Every project we undertake turns into an opportunity to express our complete commitment to embodying your aspirations. Our team takes on your vision and goals wholeheartedly! Whether it's a television product or corporate video, we support you from the initial design of ideas to post-production, to ensure your success reaches its fullest potential. Your success is ours, and we are eager to celebrate every step taken and every goal achieved together!


The success of our partners is our primary mission. Every project we undertake turns into an opportunity to express our complete commitment to embodying your aspirations. Our team takes on your vision and goals wholeheartedly! Whether it's a television product or corporate video, we support you from the initial design of ideas to post-production, to ensure your success reaches its fullest potential. Your success is ours, and we are eager to celebrate every step taken and every goal achieved together!


We take pride in our immense ability to provide you with unparalleled quality, supported by our steadfast commitment to continuous improvement and fostering creativity and innovation. Our distinguished work and dealings in various industries demonstrate our unquestionable expertise and our constant focus on achieving the highest standards. When you select our services, you are choosing recognized excellence, ensuring solutions at the forefront of performance and reliability.


The founding president Talal Al-Sader

is an inspirational and pioneering Saudi representative in the field of artistic production. Born on April 29, 1973, his experience in acting dates back to 2001. From artistic acting to media production, Talal Al-Sader has excelled and left a strong mark wherever he has been, eternalizing his name through partnerships with important official organizations and television institutions.

As a well-rounded artistic figure with an innovative philosophical approach to art and media production, Talal Al-Sader has developed a clear integration over the years, leading him to create numerous achievements. His works have gained wide acclaim and artistic awards, starting from "The Only Way Out" and "Alya's Eyes," to "The Walls 2," "Poem's Incense," and "The Departure." The series "Infiltration" is considered one of his most significant works in terms of production or acting, as it won the Best Saudi Work award in 2020.

He draws inspiration from cultural diversity and references, reflecting his unlimited dedication, perseverance, and his ability to stimulate teams with his persevering creative vision. Through First Media Production, he has brought together a large family of talents, and his company thrives today with rich diversity in competencies from various fields, while adhering to the company's core values of high standards and quality. He is now considered one of the inspirational figures in the world of art and entertainment and a role model in the field of entrepreneurship.

The Work Team

First Media Production comprises a team experienced in creating extraordinary audio-visual experiences in the field of television with a combined experience of over 25 years. We work seamlessly together to provide a complete production service, starting from idea development all the way to full execution. Our strength lies in our ability to unify these diverse talents around our core values - unwavering commitment to our clients, transparency guiding our work, effective communication fostering our relationships, and quality distinguishing our work.

Creative works which enhance your strategic goals!

We have the necessary expertise to handle all aspects of your project, no matter what they may be, from producing films, TV series, documentaries, entertainment programs, commercials, digital content for social media platforms, and more. We rely on the best producers, screenplay writers, story editors, seasoned directors, as well as top-notch camera operators, lighting designers, and sound engineers. We harness our experience to support the realization of a unique vision with high added value. Our team is committed to utilizing the essence of their experience in serving you, in order to meet all your aspirations in the field of audiovisual production and the creation of futuristic, world-class artistic digital products.

Additionally, please feel free to check out our range of services to explore how we can further assist you.

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Tala Alsider
Producer and actor
anthiny nardolollo
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What we provided

Infiltration Part ll

In continuation of the events of the first part, after the Saudi doctor Sultan is accused of bombing a medical conference in Europe, events develop and escalate when he finds himself at the epicenter of terrorist events and numerous bombings, and is forcibly asked to kill him.

  • Directed by: Ahmed Hassan, Ashraf Al-Shall
  • Written by: Talal Al-Sidr, Mahmoud Hamdan
  • Produced by: First Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Television for Media Production - Ali Al Zoghbi
Incense of Poems

A Saudi drama series, consisting of a group of short stories, showcasing different stories ranging from drama, romance, comedy, and suspense. The series is characterized by the diversity of stories, events, and characters, which made it widely appreciated by audiences.

  • Directed by: Iyad Nazmi, Muhammad Hamouda Al-Arabi
  • Written by: Afaf Matar, Khaled Al-Badr
  • Produced by: Abu Dhabi First Media Production TV - Khaled Al Badr
Infiltration Part l

A Saudi series with an exceptional dramatic plot that combines excitement and suspense, and was shown in two parts. His story revolves around five doctors: three Saudis, an Emirati, and an Egyptian. They studied together and each chose a different specialty. They met again years later when they were invited to attend a medical conference in Turkey, during which a bombing occurred and two Saudi doctors were charged.

  • Directed by: Muhammad Lotfy, Nashat al-Mulhim
  • Written by: Talal Al-Sidr, Nour Walid Al-Hajja

A Saudi romantic series that tells a contemporary love story between the young man “Sultan” and the girl “Dhahab.” They meet by chance in an elevator that suddenly breaks down, and they spend long hours in frank and open conversation, until love at first sight begins between them. However, their relationship is exposed to many challenges and difficulties due to the social, cultural and family circumstances they face, and they enter a battle of challenges in order to finally get married.

  • Directed by: Muhammad Al-Bakr
  • Written by: Yazan Atassi, Lubna Haddad
  • Produced by: Rotana Khalijia - Talal Al-Sidr

A Saudi comedy series whose story revolves around a group of young Saudis who live a daily life full of paradoxes and funny situations. The series sheds light on the issue of hosting Arab or Islamic communities in Saudi Arabia through the two young men, “Shafi” and “Lavi,” who come from a small village in search of work. In the midst of this journey, they meet with (Desouki), and they are the reason for his dismissal from his job, after which an endless series of comic events begins.

  • Directed by: Brave Struggle
  • Written by: Brave Struggle, Abadi Mansour, Abdullah Al-Walidi
  • Produced by: Mohamed Mahmoud

Infiltration S1

Infiltration S1 - SBC

Infiltration S2

Infiltration S2 - SBC


Comedy Series - 2013

Incense of Poems

2021 Awards Series