Firstmedia Production

Production of television programs and documentaries

Films and documentaries are the backbone of our industry today. In an ever-changing world and a crowded marketplace, a meaningful story will make your business stand out from the rest. We use our extensive experience in television and documentary programming to create customized content. We have a proven track record of producing hit programs and documentary series that have garnered high viewership figures, and our work aims to elevate the standard, style and effectiveness of documentary content and purposeful programming.

At First Media Production, we produce a variety of television programs and documentaries, including entertainment, talk shows, news, education, arts and sports.

We continue to collaborate with the most renowned film studios, directors and talent around the world to create global impact in both Arab and Western media entertainment. Our clients include some of the most recognizable brands and biggest TV channels, including Al Jazeera TV Network, Rotana TV, ART Group, MBC and SBC, and we are proud of the strong partnerships we have established with some of the biggest names in Saudi television.

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