Firstmedia Production

Animation and visual effects design

At First Media Production, we provide motion graphics and animation design, along with visual effects development to be used in films, TV programs, advertisements and various projects. Animation designs have the unique ability to communicate complex ideas in a fun and informative way that is highly updatable, so no matter how much your message changes depending on circumstances and events, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to recreate live events. It’s much more cost-effective to change some of the voiceovers and graphics. We offer a variety of motion graphics styles. Our productions range from simple whiteboard explainer videos to more complex animations that include 2D character sketches and 3D puppet-like animations.

Animation and infographics are a highly efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with your employees or customers, especially when it comes to explaining complex ideas, which includes how-to videos, employee benefits, educational videos, and training videos. We do everything required to create 2D and 3D animated videos: Developing visual concepts, writing scripts and storyboards, creating illustrations and modeling in short, animation allows us to think more broadly and out of the box to create fun and memorable videos.

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