Firstmedia Production

Organizing events and festivals

For dynamic and positive audiovisual communication with your most important events, First Media Production supports you in the production of the most prestigious events and art and cultural festivals. Because good communication is essential, we are here to enhance the reach of all your events: Trade Show, Conference, Seminar, Symposium, Meeting, Festival, Product Launch, Opening, Marketing, Company Meeting, Team Building, Special Day or Evening… First Media Production offers you its ideas and experience to make your special event a real communication tool. We are here to listen to your goals, create an action plan to achieve them, and create lifelong memories through the experiences and events we create together.

Organizing your event, on budget and with the right program, takes time and focus. It takes someone who knows the market and pricing, and has the relationships, trust, and history with agencies to get the right deal for everyone. We have spent years in the talent acquisition business fostering relationships with agents, managers and artists so we can bring the best festivals and events to our clients, but it does not stop there. After the shows are booked, there is a lot of work that we have to do in parallel with delivering the show, such as transportation, hospitality, immigration, meet and greets, event program, and show execution. All of this is 100% handled by our team.

From concept creation to event execution, we handle everything. We hold bi-weekly meetings with your team to make sure we realize the vision and for you to feel comfortable and learn the process. In this model, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want. We’ve got it. We’ve been through it. We are your partner and are committed to creating the best event possible.

Organizing an event is not an easy task. In fact, several key steps must be followed to make it a success, starting with: Location selection, communication, ticketing, budgeting, fundraising, etc. In addition, legal reporting and insurance obligations must be considered. All of this culminates in the personnel management aspect.

We take care of all the details needed to make the event a success

And we take care of all the necessary details as follows:
  • Determining the theme of the event .
  • Defining the framework of the event .
  • Selecting and communicating with speakers and stakeholders.
  • Determining the schedule.
  • Determining the budget for organizing the event .

7 Essentials of Organizing an Event

We know all the basics of organizing an event, and we can summarize them as follows:
  • 1. Organizing the event in terms of legal obligations.
  • 2. Submitting a declaration or license application.
  • 3. Requesting additional permissions.
  • 4. Ensuring the security of the event.
  • 5. Providing our own guarantee.
  • 6. Communicating about the event via classic and online communication channels.
  • 7. Managing and selling tickets.

From concept to presentation, we work with you to realize your wildest event ideas!.