Firstmedia Production

Recording sound and music

Music videos are a vital part of an artist’s identity. A music video is an important part of your brand. It helps shape what people think about you and the music. It’s a visual representation of your personality and can be the difference between the average listener becoming a fan or preferring to follow another artist. First Media Production provides you with sound and music recording services, whether for use in movies and TV shows or for advertising and other business. We are the home and trusted address for the Arab world’s most recognized and influential music companies and artists. Our expertise reaches all areas of the art form from talent scouting, original programming, artist management, music production, concert and festival promotion and distribution. Our system also allows emerging talents to reach a wider audience by creating customized music formats that are unique in terms of their impact and originality.

Inside First Media Production’s studio, you can record your artwork separately before laying out the track and combining it with audio. With a wide range of software and equipment, you won’t have to re-do it over and over again, as we give you the opportunity to record separate tracks and choose the best ones with the right pitch and tone. We ensure efficient management within the recording studio by employing a skilled team of studio managers and engineers. They oversee the scheduling of recording sessions, coordinate equipment setup and maintenance, and ensure a smooth workflow. Our team prioritizes client comfort, providing a welcoming environment and catering to any specific needs or requests. With our experience and professionalism, we provide a seamless business environment within the recording studio, allowing artists and clients to focus on their creative endeavors while we handle the technical aspects of running the studio.

Enter our creative safe haven where artistic vision and technical expertise fuse to record music with cinematic perspectives.