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Infiltration Part I


A Saudi series with an exceptional plot that combines excitement and suspense, it was shown in two parts. The story revolves around five doctors: Three Saudis, an Emirati and an Egyptian, who were educated together and each chose a different specialty. They are reunited years later when they are invited to attend a medical conference in Turkey, during which a bombing occurs and two of the Saudi doctors are indicted. While most of the evidence points to one of them being involved with a terrorist group, events unfold with pursuits from Saudi and Turkish intelligence, while he continues to flee to prove his innocence.

Channel: CBS

Date: May 6, 2019

Genre: Drama, Suspense, Thriller

Directors: Mohammed Lotfy, Nashaat AlMalham

Writers: Talal AlSudair, Noor Walid AlHujah

Other Parts: Penetration Part 2



Abdulmohsen AlNamr, Talal AlSudair, Nidal Najem, Dima AlJundi, Ahmed Fareed (Rashidi), Yacoub AlFarhan, Ashraf Talfah, Fadi Andraous, Yousef Haddad, Bassel Haydar, Tatiana Maroub, Abdullah AlYami, Nisima Daher, Ayman AlSalek, Abdullah AlQahtani, Gnawwa Mahmoud, Sherine Bawazeer, Nawaf AlSaad, Tareq AlNafessi, Rasha Rustom, Khaled Hamad, Layla Iskandar, Ahmed Khamis Ali, Ahmed AlObeid, George Haran, Salah Hanoun, Nashaat AlMalham, Mohammed Yaghi


Saudi Arabian Television (Producer)

First Media Production (Executive Producer)


Mohammed Lotfy (Director), Nashaat AlMalham (Supervising Director), Mazen Safar (Assistant Director), Ghassan Nakhoul (Supervising Director)


Talal AlSudair (Story), Noor Walid AlHujah (Screenplay and Dialogue), Qasim Mohammed (Screenplay Dialogue), Amar Radwan (Screenplay and Dialogue)

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9 May 2019


Mohamed Lotefy


Talal Al-Sidr