Firstmedia Production

Bokhowr Al-Qasayid (2021)


A Saudi drama series, consisting of a collection of short stories, where different stories are presented that vary between drama, romance, comedy, and suspense. The series is characterized by a variety of stories, events, and characters, which made it widely acclaimed by audiences. The events of the series are told through the romantic poems of Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, which deal with love relationships, deprivation, and the challenges that each person must endure in order to defend their love. The show is characterized by quality production and technical performance, and it has achieved great success and admiration by audiences in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Channel: Abu Dhabi TV

Broadcast date: 2021

Genre: Drama

Directors: Iyad Nazmi, Mohamed Hamouda Al Arabi

Writers: Afaf Matar, Khaled Al Badr



Turki Al Youssef, Zara Al Balushi, Mohammed Al Eissa, Talal Al Sader, Mayla Al Zahrani, Joud Aziz, Turki Mahraiq (The Doctor), Badr Al Lahaid, Saad Talas, Ahmed Rashid, Walid Al Ghannam, Asmaa Al Fahad, Mohammed Asiri, Mohammed Al Omari, Madeeha Ahmed, Nagham Al Malki, Shafi Al Shammari, Layla Al Salman, Ahmed Al Otaibi, Tariq Al Harthi, Bandar Al Wusaimi (Saad)


Abu Dhabi TV (Producer), First Media Production (Executive Producer), Khaled Al Badr (Artistic Producer)

 Various Roles

Issa Al Kayed (General Supervision), Alaa Al Nuaimi (General Supervision), Ali Asiri (Poem Recitation)


Iyad Nazmi (Director), Mohamed Hamouda Al Arabi (Assistant Director), Lauren Issa (Assistant Director)


Afaf Matar (Writer), Khaled Al Badr (Dramatic Treatment and Localization)


Saeed Al Hashim (Mixing)


Joseph Cyprussi (Director of Photography and Lighting)


Saeed Al Hashim (Soundtrack)

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Iyad Nazmy


Afaf Matar