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Al-Zaheba (2015)


A Saudi romantic drama that tells a contemporary love story between a young man “Sultan” and a girl “Dahab”. They meet by chance in an elevator that suddenly breaks down, and they spend many hours in a frank and open conversation, and love at first sight. However, their relationship faces many challenges and difficulties due to the social, cultural and family circumstances they face, and they enter a battle of challenges in order to finally get married. Characterized by a new look at romantic relationships in contemporary Saudi society, the series was able to attract the attention of the audience with its touching and suspenseful storyline, outstanding performances from the cast and high-quality photography. It was a great success in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, and won several awards, including the Best Arabic Series Award at the Cairo International Radio and Television Festival in 2015.


Channel: Rotana

Air Date: June 19, 2015

Genre: Romance

Director: Mohamed Al Bakr

Writers: Yazen Attassi, Lubna Haddad.


 – Cast 

Turki Al-Yousef (Sultan), Talal Al-Sudair (Rakan), Naif Khalaf, Nadine Jamali (Dahab), Afnan Fouad (Hind), Ahmed Al-Alyan, Mohammed Al-Kenhal, Ameena Al-Ali, Singer Fawaz, Laila Al-Salman (Um Khaled), Eid Saad (Sami), Turki Mahraq, Abdel Majeed Al-Hamami, Tamader Al-Mooh, Mariam Al-Ghamdi, Youssef Arar, Dana Al-Salem, Mohammed Al-Khuzaim, Ali Al-Saad (Khalid), Naseema Daher, Abdel Rahim Al-Sharabiji, Shafiqa Yousef (Um Sultan)


– Writers

Yazen Attassi (Writer), Lubna Haddad (Writer)


– Production

Rotana Khaleejiya (Producer), First Media (Executive Producer)


– Director

Mohamed Al Bakr (Director)


– Music

Khaled Abdulrahman (Theme Song)

Series information

Rotana khalejia


Saudi Arabia